Livio Bisterzo: The Man Who Wants To Change The World One Chickpea At A Time

Originally from Italy, Livio Bisterzo now resides in LA with his wife and 3 children, where he’s pioneering the future of the food industry. In 2015, Bisterzo founded the food and drink company, Green Park Brands.

According to Livio Bisterzo’s LinkedIn profile, he says Green Park Brand’s“objective is to build a portfolio with a clear focus on “better for you” natural propositions, by operating brands that have lasting social impact and prompt behavioral and cultural change.”

Nothing could demonstrate Livio Bisterzo’s desire for social impact more than Green Park Brands’s HIPPEAS, which launched in July of last year. This chickpea based puff snack has 130 calories, 3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein per serving. The snack comes in 6 different flavors: “Far Out Fajita, Vegan White Cheddar, Maple Haze, Pepper Power, Sriracha Sunshine and Happenin’ Hickory.” Even actor Leonardo DiCaprio seems to have taken a liking to the snack. As for the social impact part, a portion of the company’s profits goes to Farm Africa, a charity which helps African farmers become self sustainable and generate a source of food and income for themselves and their communities.

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Livio Bisterzo seems to have had his altruistic side inspired by the millennial generation. Bisterzo was quoted by Forbes as saying “Millennials—see themselves as global citizens and they want to make change on the wider world. Doing good is right at the core of HIPPEAS and its culture”.

However, HIPPEAS is not Livio Bisterzo’s first venture into the world of business. Bisterzo’s first business endeavor goes back to 2003 when he started an event company. Between now and then, Bisterzo has sold acne treatment for men, been a partner at a London night club, and sold an organic blend of tea and juice. Needless to say, Bisterzo is no stranger to business.

It seems that millenials today are starting to not only reach for a tasty snack, and not only for a healthy snack, but for a snack that they know will make a difference in this world. And it seems that Bisterzo might be the one to lead the food industry towards this new direction.

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