Top Reasons Why Talk Fusion Won the 2016 Communication Products of the Year

Technology Marketing Corporation is an institution that releases every year a group of prizes and awards that target companies of success and institutions who have conquered achievements at their own respective fields of action, and in 2016 it was Talk Fusion’s time to win the Communications Solutions Products of the Year prize.



It is really something phenomenal to win one of these prizes that the institution makes every year, because they extensively search companies of success in all fields and only rewards the best one among them, analyzing their maximum number of sales, the feedback they are receiving from customers, the overall service quality, and more. With all of these characteristics taken into account, the prize winner company Talk Fuzion became a hit, and everyone wanted to know more about its marketing strategies and who was the CEO of the company, Bob Reina, who also created the group in 2007.



According to Mr. Bob Reina, the prize means a lot to the business group and its partners, as they have dedicated a lot towards being one of the best marketing strategies developer available, and, to be honest, Bob says he is not that surprised. The entrepreneur stated that it is just the beginning of a long journey, and they have extensive, ambitious plans for the future of the company and their clients are really enthusiastic about it.



But what exactly does Talk Fusion do: In the communication business, they have developed theTalk Fusion Video Chat, which makes possible the communication between client and professional in a face-to-face conversation. The catch of the technology is that it is available on any device, and this allows for a lot of practicality in the rushed world of business. “If you want to talk to a client or your partners – you can do it from anywhere in the world, right now.”



Whoever wants to use their communication software, which has been awarded for being one of the most well-developed programs in the market, beating some of the most notable ones from big multinational companies, these people can download the voice app in iTunes or Google Play. Through the application, companies are always ahead of the competition, because the communication is essential, and that is the field where Talk Fusion excels.

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