Gorgeous Wedding Photos in North Texas

Dallas, Texas offers a plethora of gorgeous locals for the perfect wedding photos. One amazing location is the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. This stunning structure is both art and a feat in architecture. You can enter the bridge via a specialty walking path and take photos against the backdrop of not only the bridge but also the dramatic Dallas skyline. Plan to arrive around sunset so that you can add the array of colors to your shot. The bridge would be ideal for couple photographs or for an entire wedding party.

Another George Street Photo and Video Locations would be in the Bishop Arts District located in Oak Cliff. The quaint feel mixed with modernized 19th century facades would provide lovely backdrops.

Historic downtown Plano, Texas provides a small town feel boasting a park, a gazebo, and a pond. The train tracks nearby would offer unique possibilities for photos of the entire wedding party.


UKV PLC; A Company Aimed At Changing The Wine Business With Their Fine Wine Selection

UKV PLC is a UK- based company that has mostly operated a small team consisting of dedicated wine consultants. They help in guiding the clients the options available for you using their knowledge of fine wine. With their help, the clients are assured of acquiring the appropriate champagne and wine according to one’s preference or occasion. The firm has been known for its specialty of selling and acquisition of the most illustrious pleasurable and exciting fine wine and champagne in the world.

The company operates as an independent wine business, and this means that it is not limited or tied to one supply chain. This is one factor that makes it easy for the firm to acquire and sell fine wine. With the assistance of an extensive network of merchants, traders and brokers, the firm can draw and source stock from selling fine wine.

UKV PLC mainly focuses on delivering personal services to their clients that are at an exceptional level. This is because most of their customers look forward to acquiring one of the most prestigious labels from France, Spain or Italy which are the leading vineyard palaces.

At the same time, UKV PLC appreciates their clients who purely have the pleasure of drinking fine wine while others look to developing private cellars and lucrative fine wine collections for financial gain or future sale. Whichever the clients need, they can depend on the firm to provide assistance in the acquisition and selection of the finest grade wine and champagne to appease the client trough their industry contacts.

The company is also based on the supply, purchase, and sale of fine bonded wine on behalf of trade customers and private individuals. The company also provided brokerage services for those people who desire to sell investment grade wine which is held in the United Kingdom regulated bond. With UKV PLC, you will never go wrong as they aim at pleasing all their clients and providing services that meet their customer’s needs.

How Helane Morrison Instills Observance in the Corporate Sector.

Helane Morrison is an attorney who has been practicing for about three decades. She is presently a chief compliance officer at the San Francisco-based Hall Capital Partners. The firm is recognized for being among the most trusted advisory institutions in the city. Morrison also acts as an executive committee member of the company. According to Hall, there has been great mistrust in the United States’ financial sector since 2008 when there was a significant fall in the economy. Most Americans have opted to manage their financial transactions by themselves. Hall has committed its service to saving people from being caught up in fraudulent deals. It ensures that there is integrity, accountability, and observance of regulatory demands.


The attorney has made significant achievements in the legal sector due to her diligence, trustworthiness, competence, confidence, and brilliance. According to her, all the transactions that Hall conducts are reliable and decent. The employees of the firm have devoted their effort to ensuring integrity and competence among the finance sector’s players such as mutual funds advisors, brokerage institutions, and investment consultants that manage the wealth of its clients. Its implementation specialists execute disciplinary actions, correction procedures, and seek for court actions whenever they realize any deceptive transactions.


Helane was an employee of various law firms before 2007 when she moved to the Hall Capital Partners. She worked for the SEC since 1996 and led the San Francisco District Office until 2007. Morrison was in charge of filling lawsuits, executing securities, and ensuring that companies comply with regulatory needs. She also acted on behalf of the organization in business undertakings, legal matters, and government activities. Helane did her enforcement job well by apprehended corrupt officials at the NextCard Inc, HBO, Hewlett-Packard, and Google. She also revealed how 50,000 soldiers had been defrauded by the American Amicable insurance firm.


Morrison spent most of her career as a lawyer at the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, when she worked from 1986 to 1996. She became an associate at the firm in 1991 and assisted its clients in handling SEC matters, business-related lawsuits, private securities, and domestic investigations in various organizations. She was also a court clerk for Hon. Richard Posner and Harry A. Blackmun. Helane serves as a part-time speaker, and her focus is regulatory observance and legality of investment advisories. She also has administrative roles at the Regional Parks Foundation and American Bar Association. Morrison schooled at the University of California and Northwestern University where she majored in law and journalism.


Bruce Levenson’s Contributions To The NBA And Washington DC Philanthropy

Bruce Levenson is both a sports enthusiast and a well-known philanthropist. He has a long career in business including his time as President and CEO of United Communications Group (UCG), and later his time as majority owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. He recently sold the Hawks to Tony Ressler and Company, a major deal worth $730 million, but in the aftermath he and several other Hawks owners became involved in a settlement regarding the termination of former General Manager Danny Ferry. Ferry had filed a claim with the Hawks former insurance company, AIG and Levenson and the rest of the Hawks owners decided to buyout Ferry’s contract. But AIG has not paid any compensation to Ferry that his attorneys say they are obligated to pay. Levenson and the other former owners are taking AIG to court.

Levenson founded UCG in 1977 along with Ed Peskowitz. In Time, the company began with Oil Express, a newsletter that Levenson and Peskowitz published out of their own apartment, and then grew to become a major industry media conglomerate. It is the parent company to the GasBuddy app as well technology marketing research firm TechTarget. Levenson is also on the Board of Directors of private equity and investment company BIA Digital Partners. Levenson first became an NBA owner in 2004 when he formed a coalition of owners at Atlanta Spirit, LLC and purchased the Hawks in addition to their arena and the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers.

Bruce Levenson has started several non-profit groups and served as president for several including the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership. He was also instrumental in establishing Hoop Dreams, a youth basketball tournament whose proceeds went to fund scholarship programs. He also is heavily involved at the Holocaust Memorial Musuem where he sponsors the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program.

Reference: http://brucelevenson.com/

How Thor Halvorssen Fights For Human Rights

The Personal Impact Of Authoritarianism

He’s seen firsthand the tragedies that can occur at the hands of an authoritarian government. His father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, was actually placed in prison in the 90s for his investigations into corruption in the Venezuelan government. 2004, the same year Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation, was the same year his mother was killed by supporters of the Hugo Chavez regime. The men guilty of shooting his mother were arrested but never convicted of a crime.16)

Documenting Reality

A major focus of the work of Thor Halvorssen is the use of cinema to spread awareness and convince others to join him in his cause. He has created both fictional and true accounts in his movies in order to fight for human rights around the world. The films he has produced aren’t simply preacher attempts to pound a message into the viewer’s skull. They have won praise and acclaim from critics in general.

Connecting Fights Around The World

An important part of everything that Halvorssen does is finding ways to connect people around the world and convince them they need to stand up for human rights. The latest step in promoting human rights for him is the Oslo Freedom Forum. Originally started in his father’s homeland of Norway these meetings serve as way for activists to connect and think of ways to fight against dictatorships. Fighting for freedom isn’t an easy battle. There are many ways for dictators to thwart their opponents, but their opponents must adhere to a code of ethics. Uniting together is the only way Thor Halvorssen believes he can reach his goal of empowering people to stand against oppressive regimes.

About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a political activist with a strong focus on human rights. Born in Venezuela but educated in America, he is a globally minded individual with a strong interest in promoting open societies. He understands the dangers that come about when citizens are not able to stand up to their governments and wants to create a world without them.


The Rapid Expansion of the Brazilian Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector of Brazil has undergone a significant transformation in the past two decades. The skyscrapers on Lovemondays.com have sprung up in strategic cities. Additionally, the number of foreign investors has increased tremendously.

About JLL

JLL launched its first service center in Brazil, Sao Paulo more than two decades ago. At the time, the nation was in the preliminary stages of its upsurge to prominence as a fastest expanding global economy on autodoc.com. In 2015, JLL moved its headquarters to Sao Paulo, a major city surrounded by amazing residential and commercial neighborhoods. You should not forget that Sao Paulo was just a single-lane road twenty years ago.

This remarkable growth is not restricted to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro –based business centers. Many cityscapes in Brazil boast vibrant new skyscrapers such as the Balneario Comboriu-based Millennium Palace. The country’s business districts harbor numerous domestic and international corporations. The iconic architecture is supported by stylish financing and revolutionary infrastructure. Brazil’s major cities consist of trophy skyscrapers, mixed-use developments containing office, retail, and residential components, and technology-enabled warehouses.

Key drivers of Brazilian commercial property sector

For many years, high inflation restricted bank participation, economic development, borrowing, and income growth. The Brazilian government chipped in and stabilized the economy. The rates of inflation decreased significantly, attracting lenders as well as foreign investors. The government also improved infrastructures such as roads and public transportation. It also streamlined access to wireless Internet offerings. These series of improvement attracted leading investors, including Ivanhoe Cambridge, GTIS Partners, Tishman Partners, and Global Logistic Properties.

About Construcap

Construcap is a company that executes construction projects that respect the environment. It focuses on the progressive development of its employees, the community, and construction processes. It has risen into one of the top ten Brazil-headquartered construction firms. Construcap’s development processes leverage ISO 9001 certified Integrated Management System.

Brief history

Veteran engineers, Henrique Pegado, and Caio Luiz, established Construtora Pereira de Souza in 1944. In 1955, engineers Jose Mandacaru, Jose Ribeiro do Valle, Julio Capobianco, John Ulic Burke, and Iorio founded Construcap Engineering. Construcap CCPS was created in 1972 after the merger of Construcap Engineering and Construtora Pereira de Souza.

Haircare How-To?

Are you spending large sums of money on haircare products, but aren’t receiving and benefits? When it comes to haircare, did you know that too much of a good thing can be damaging? That’s right! Also did you know that haircare products that contains high amounts of protein can leave your hair brittle? Many of the top brands can help you while hurting you at the same time. Chemically loaded products give temporary success because of all the harmful sulfates within the product itself. I know that this sounds a bit confusing, but one thing’s for sure. These brands or actually businesses and their end goals are to make as much money as possible.

Are you looking for a more healthy approach to good haircare? If you are then keep reading the article as it will explain what’s needed for obtaining the best head of hair for your specific needs. WEN by Chaz is by far the most advanced product line to date. Founded by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean, WEN provides with the finest of ingredients that makes a world of difference. Check out some of the products below:

  • (SIXTHIRTEEN Daily Cleansing Treatment) Adds Strength, Uses 25 Natural Oils, and Loaded With Amino Acids
  • (Sweet Almond Mint Nourishing Mousse) Has Botanical Extracts and Provides Volume
  • (Lavender Re-Moist Hair Treatment) Adds Moisture, Nutrients, and Shine

This is just a few of what this exclusive product line has to offer. WEN by Chaz Dean, http://chazdean.com/, has a product for each and every occasion. Living a healthy lifestyle is also important for great haircare and the WEN by Chaz Line was inspired by healthy living. Throw away your old products which are full of harmful sulfates and join this new revolution for better looking, more manageable hair.

To learn more about WEN visit their Facebook page and official Twitter account.



My Personal thanks to Securus Technologies – Christmas Video Visit

This is my experience and thanks to Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. My friend and I grew up together. Went to the same High School. We even graduated school together. When we both got married and had children, our bond grew stronger. Although we weren’t related, our children felt that they were. We had sons approximately one year apart. They were very close just like their moms. And when they got in trouble with the law, they were together. It was terrible for both of us moms to say the least. They both had to do time in prison for the bad choices they made. Everyone that is a part of both families has suffered because of those decisions they made. We have truly had to make the best of a very terrible situation.


Since they have been in jail, they have become smarter, even wiser. They see the choices that will affect their future every day. They have become stronger to say no to the wrong opportunities and yes the helpful ones. That is where the blessing of Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit comes in. We are able to visit with them, all of us through the video. We did the paperwork to get us accepted and the visits were similar to a personal visit to the jail. Because of Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit, our sons can see the impact they have had on both families. And we can see the growth and maturity they have both grown into. Through the Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit, our elderly family members can see and talk even more sense to them both. And they have become model prisoners.They don’t have long to go before they are released. They were blessed with very light sentencing. Because of our visits with the video calls, our entire families are able to have helpful input in the anticipation of their return to us. We are able to make plans for both of their futures during conversations because of the Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit. It really takes the sting out of the fact that they are so far away and untouchable. We realize the precious gift of life even more now. And thanks to the Securus Technologies Christmas Video Visit, every visit is a Christmas celebration. Thank you so much.


Adam Goldenberg has an eye for fashion and e-commerce success

Anyone that knows Adam Goldberg knows that he has always had a passion for casual fashion and latest beauty trends. Goldenberg was among the first people to get in the beauty and fashion industry. Adam Goldenberg was the co-founder of Intelligent Beauty, a company that focused on e-commerce to build a consumer brand in beauty and personal health markets. After starting Intelligent Beauty, Adam Goldenberg was ready for a new challenge and established another company known as JustFab. In the first year of its operations, the company had grown immeasurably to have served four million members. The company had six million members by the end of its second year of operations. At this time, other firms showed interest in the company and funded its business processes.

JustFab has experienced an incredible growth since it was first established. However, in a bid to change its business model and operations, the company rebranded itself to become TechStyle Fashion Group. Adam Goldenberg noted that the modification is going to have the company shift its focus to a better customer experience. The company has stayed true to its vision of delivering trendy fashion at low prices. The company would like to build an even better brand that focuses on a personalized shopping experience.

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Adam Goldenberg noted that the firm’s success relies mainly on its customers. Therefore, from the first day of operation, the company made customer feedback as a critical part of the business. Most of the early mistakes came about from pricing of new product categories such as sunglasses and jewelry. The company quickly learned that while the prices and handbags were rather expensive, members were never willing to pay for jewelry and sunglasses. JustFab then established a team that is dedicated to understanding their members through the establishment of a feedback to guide the business decisions.

As a young entrepreneur, Adam Goldenberg became one of the youngest Chief Operating Officer in a company that was traded publicly. He dates his first experience in e-commerce at age fifteen where he built his first gaming software platform and later sold it to Intermix Media. Throughout the years, Goldenberg has displayed his skill in the fashion industry. He has grown his TechStyle group to have more than 2,000 employees and more than $ 700 million in sales since it was established. TechStyle Group focuses on a business model that has a personalized shopping experience. The firm is today one of the fastest growing brands ever.

See more about Adam Goldenberg on Wikipedia.org
Find more videos of Adam Goldenberg via CNBC.com

EOS Lip Balm – A Product of Fast Company

For seven years now, pastel-colored orbs known as EOS lip balm (Evolution of Smooth) have been doing rounds everywhere. They have taken over shelves at Walmart, Walgreens, eBay and Target. “Cosmo and Allure” Beauty editors have adored the stuff, and have gone wild about flavors such as grapefruit and honeydew. And then Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera, were spotted picking EOS balls from their makeup kits.

EOS products are displayed all over fashion and beauty magazines and publications, but the founders of the company are yet to speak about their trade strategy. During an interview, Fast Company talked about how they built a 250 million USD company that, according to research and consulting firm Kline, has become the 2nd best lip balm selling company, after the Burt’s Bees. It outpaces some old companies such as Blistex and Chapstick.

Kline Research claims that EOS lip balm has solely driven improvement in the category of oral care. Currently, it sells more than 1 million orbs weekly, and the future forecast looks promising, considering that the global market for lip care is predicted to rise steadily to 2 billion USD by 2020, compelled by the need for natural, organic products, and that is EOS’s distinctive feature.

From the start, Teller and Mehra, the founders of Fast Company, focused on developing an compassionate connection with their clients, instead of being simply an additional commodity, and that is what led to the tagline, “a lip balm that makes you smile.”

They used the best ingredients that the world could offer to create a new, innovative product, one that would compete with market dominated brands such as Pfizer’s Chapstick, and Clorox’s Burt’s Bees.

Teller and Mehra, the founders of Fast Company, admits that getting into cosmetic stores was not a walk in the park. Mehra himself was conversant with the channels, so they hired a skilled sales representative to help them out. Today, Fast Company is probably the world’s best lip balm selling company. Visit the company’s website at evolutionofsmooth.com.

EOS FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/eos/