Luke Lazarus Gives Insights to a Successful Business Venture

Luke Lazarus is a well-known startup consultant. Luke studied at Melbourne Business school. Luke clearly comprehends that entrepreneurs require partners who can give undivided attention to the most important matters at hand. They should be able to define, address and also identify some significant issues in business.

Luke Lazarus has been of great assistance especially to the entrepreneurs by helping them come up with better plans for their businesses.

Luke Lazarus says that he always starts his day by meditation. He spends some few minutes to meditate, and this helps him to do away with stress. He terms himself good in multitasking. Luke also believes in keeping fit. He, therefore, ensures that he visits the gym on a daily basis.

Luke always ensures that he notes everything down which he, therefore, reviews every morning to be able to give priority to the most important activities. This practice makes him more productive. He strongly believes that success comes to the people who are so much busy to be looking.

Luke Lazarus terms a business plan as a very important guide to any business idea since it clearly illustrates the shortcomings, vision and the appropriate business model for any given venture. He states that successful presentations should possess illustrations that incite the members of the board to relate them with real-life experiences. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

Luke further reveals that carrying out a persistent study of both the market segments and the numerous factors that affect them is very useful when it comes to conducting any market research. His diverse knowledge of the electronic commerce platforms allows him to let the entrepreneurs have a hint on what to expect from both consumers and also fellow competitors.

Luke believes that every successful product has a great story behind it. An entrepreneur has to study the market first to identify a need. After identifying the need, they can then go ahead and come up with a product that will satisfy that particular need.

Luke states that all his ideas have always emerged through his real-life experiences and problems. After facing a problem, Luke focusses of coming up with a solution to that particular problem. Luke helps his clients to come up with a successful plan for a market place. He ensures that the clients stick to a very strict budget and also a timeline. He gives a business idea to the upcoming entrepreneurs by recommending the medical sector which he believes that the industry has a lot of opportunities.

Luke Lazarus terms network, perseverance, luck and also a passion as very important elements of success. He advises other entrepreneurs to always believe in their own success.

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Isabel dos Santos Weighs in on Development in Africa.

At a United Nations forum held in New York, the skilled business professional, Isabel dos Santos, spoke about the economic empowerment of women as the primary strategy towards transforming society. Her encouraging message has inspired several citizens in various African countries to pursue business. Isabel dos Santos holds that some of the most successful entrepreneurs come from Africa. However, the entrepreneurial spirit has been eroded by the stigmatization of women working in the corporate world. This has played a role in robbing the continent of talented innovators thereby preventing women from achieving their career objectives.

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By making sure that emerging professionals can gain access to the same education as well as job opportunities as men, Isabel dos Santos has reiterates that she can transform this attitude by instilling confidence in young women. Forbes has declared Isabel dos Santos as Africa’s richest woman. She has a net worth of over $1 billion. Dos Santos amassed her properties through different business ventures in Africa as well as Portugal. She owns companies in different sectors such as telecommunications, retail, energy, as well as finance. She is also devoted to giving back to the community. Dos Santos is charitable. She empowers the women of Africa to give back to the community. Isabel dos Santos has spent most of her time planting various seeds in the continent. She focuses her energy on Angola. Here, she also meets young people and engages them in useful talks that will help build their careers.

The skilled business professional also visits these individuals in small rooms at their institutions. She sparks debates about the economic development of the continent. Isabel also encourages young women to leverage the increased use of technology as well as artificial intelligence. Giving back to society is one of Isabel’s main agenda. She encourages her employees to support charity programs. She has formalized her charity work and actively engages in such initiatives. Isabel spares time off her busy schedule to travel to the ground and interact with different individuals from various communities. As such, she has supported the healthcare sector in the battle against malaria.

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Timeless Accessories That You Should Purchase

When putting together an outfit, whether for work or going to a party, you should have certain items in your wardrobe that will stand the test of time. Donata Meirelles suggests that all women should purchase these fashion accessories in neutral colors and that are well made so that they last a long time. If you find that you are looking for something that will match your days outfit, these accessories will always fit.

Ankle boots have been in fashion for a number of years and if you purchase any of these, make sure that they are comfortable and that the heels are not something you would not be able to wear on any occasion. They should be medium height and not wedges. These boots have gone in and out of fashion through the years, but, they always come back in style.

When you purchase handbags, make sure they are not the latest trendy styles. Bucket bags are always a good choice in handbags and many of them now come in very small sizes. When purchasing a handbag, do not buy one that is so large that it overwhelms the outfit you are wearing. Classic square bags should always be included in your wardrobe. These come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. See more on

Scarves are something that you either like to wear or not. Although they are not an accessory that is much needed, Donata Meirelles feels that having a few of them that you can pair together with a plain blouse, will make it look much nicer. Since this will be something that you use to dress up an outfit, the colors and patterns can be bold. This is the only exception to the neutral tones rule.

Accessories only add to the dramatic effect that you are trying to create in your daily wear. But, keeping the styles classic and able to be put together with anything you own is how you should choose them. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a fashion look that excels.

Whenever you are choosing an accessory, Donata Meirelles suggests that the colors stay in the black and red family. These are base colors and most likely, will match anything you are wearing. Since you want to create an accessory closet that will go with any outfit you wear, staying away from trends and colors that are more flamboyant is your best bet.



Edwin Miranda strategies towards the marketing sector

Edwin Miranda is the founder of KOI IXS, a prominent marketing firm. It is objective towards the performance and meeting their clients’ needs. The firm is a marketing agency that focuses on gathering data and participates in research technology. It does this to provide their clients with advanced information. Through the utilization of technology, they can create a marketing platform which can be available to their audience. The company was established when he was in his early 20s, and it has grown over the years.

The initial segment of Edwin Miranda’s company is on their online platform. It is because they utilize research and insights to educate people about their operations. Through their skills in the marketing plan, they can strategize their development. Furthermore, they can build contents for their clients. Secondly, their focus is on the digital ecosystem. Edwin Miranda outlines that brands are differentiated through aligning every client a quality experience. They offer a co-operative structure together with applications among others. By using programmatic data, the firm can build a customized experience for the customers. It helps them when they want to make a significant marketing decision for their product.

To enhance better communication between clients and customers, Edwin Miranda suggests that digital marketing can assist. The company provides social media operations such as connecting famous individuals. It is through digital marketing that they are able to link famous individuals. They also perform SEO to make sure that the targeted customers are showing the appropriate links. Edwin Miranda’s team ensures that the specified customers receive the adverts on their social media platforms. It reviews its hard work in the marketing sector and improves the practice. They do so to ensure they make a difference and improve their services. The marketing company highlights this operation as vital since they can obtain the analyzed findings in their devices.


The Market Trend Insights by Steve Lesnard

The trends in the marketing world continue to change, therefore for a firm to thrive in such a dynamic market; it should up their game. Even the social media platforms where many producers showcase their products, the different media houses and publications have evolved on the way they operate. According to Steve Lesnard, producers should follow the two rules he suggested. If they are followed to the latter, then the firms are assured of success in their endeavors. Every firm desire to increase the sales and maximize production as it cut on the cost of operations. For this to come true, therefore, the firm needs to utilize the feedback from consumers and purpose to meet their needs for the customer is always right.

Steve Lesnard suggests that the producers should make products memorable for the consumers by keeping them simple. Focus on one need in the market and purpose to meet it. Keep the story right to the consumers. Tell them what is new and what needs the feature will meet. Let your team focus on one element while advertising the product.

The 10 songs in your pocket by the iPod is a good example. The company focused on the music on the go feature of their products. So, everybody that needed to listen to music while doing other errands could go for that specific iPod product. With time, the company has introduced the features in addition to the music on the go. The iPod watches, the security factors are among the new features.

Steve Lesnard’s second rule is to endeavor to make it real by bringing it to life. This is the standard form of advertisement. You have to bring the product to life by showing how it is used. You can achieve this by showing some reviews from your past client, or some videos showing how the product is used. Yeti is a good example; they hired outdoor ambassadors who used the Yeti products in the field. Many customers were impressed to see the bottles keep drinks either cold or warm which resulted in increased sells of their containers.

Gustavo Martinez on Finding the Best Working Formula for Success in the Marketing Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings new possibilities to the world of marketing and advertising according to Gustavo Martinez. Having worked in the industry as a Marketing and Advertising Consultant for more than three decades, Gustavo Martinez is excited about the prospects of Iot in increasing sales and revenues for businesses in the future.

By monitoring the behavioral patterns of potential customers, companies will, in future, have the opportunity to pitch their goods and services when clients are most likely to respond positively to the call to action.

Unlike other industries, the advertising and marketing industry is dependent on creative talent. As such, it is crucial for leaders in the industry to not only spot and recruit the best talent in the business sector but also to nurture it for the advertising firm to be successful.

This calls for generosity in compensation, but also for leaders to pay attention to the input of every member of the team in implementing a given project.

Additionally, leaders should know how to work with a wide diversity of talent to bring together team members who complement each other’s abilities.

Given creatives never adhere to the nine to five work schedule typical in other industries, it is vital to provide them with the freedom and space to work so that they can deliver their best work for the benefit of the business. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase and Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench

Currently, Gustavo Martinez is working on a project on increasing the success rate of startups given most fail within the first three years. Consequently, the marketing element in the operations of a startup is important.

By delivering a system which gets rid of the trial and error approach taken by most startups, Gustavo Martinez together with UV Business Acceleration is streamlining the delivery of results by taking into account user experience, technology design and functionality, and insights from analytics.

On charity, Gustavo Martinez is of the opinion that it is important to engage in acts of kindness towards your community whenever you have the opportunity to do so. However, such generosity should stem from genuine compassion and not from an advertising point of view.

The minute you plaster your name all over a given philanthropic initiative, it transforms from an act of charity to an advertising campaign. Consequently, if you are going to give, you should give without hoping for any media attention. Above all, charity should always begin at home.

Being a workaholic, Gustavo Martinez has to find the right work-life balance to ensure no area of his life is neglected. As such, when he is not traveling, he takes time in the morning to share breakfast with his family before retreating to the confines of his office until evening.

To remain productive at work, he not only ensures he brings together the best teams, but he also engages in active listening by giving everyone a listening ear.

Over the years, he has found that this approach gives him the best results at work. In the past, Gustavo Martinez has worked with global brands such as Henkel, Ogilvy and Mather, Price Waterhouse, and J. Walter Thompson Worldwide.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada Shows Sustainability With R.A.W.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the Global Brand President for L’Oreal. He holds a B.S in commerce from Pantheon-Sorbonne University and an M.S from ESSEC Business School. Before joining L’Oreal, Dan was the director of Garnier International, then moved up to Assistant Vice President and then to Deputy General Manager. After joining the L’Oreal team, Dan worked for almost two years on a campaign called R.A.W.

Consumers are leaning more toward sustainable and environmentally friendly products so Dan Bethelmy-Rada is working to create R.A.W. a more natural line of hair care products by L’Oreal. These products will have no sulfates, silicone or parabens. They will come from sustainable sources and will be environmentally friendly. Plants and minerals make up some of their ingredients, along with others such as fungi and honey. The company uses volcanic clay, coriander and quinoa husk that come from sustainable supply sources. They will be 70 percent natural and 90 percent biodegradable.

It was a huge investment to make this line of products but Dan Bethelmy-Rada wanted L’Oreal to have a product that was up to the standards that the hair care company wanted. They started a digital campaign called #LiveRaw. Their Instagram videos are about sustainability and hold testimonials from bloggers. L’Oreal has some fun ways to learn about their natural products along with a few ways to be a little nicer to the environment.

The company set up an educational program through R.A.W. to educate salons on methods to be environmentally aware and how to use it in the salon every day. They taught hairdressers how to use less water and power to keep their salons environmentally sustainable. Dan says the R.A.W. products have gotten great reviews and they are getting ready to go global. The brand will be moving into the European market with expectations that it will do well.

Pros & Cons of Free & Paid Press Release Distribution Services

After crafting your media release, your next goal would be to spread it; therefore it may read by most people as you can. One suggests to do so is to have an organisation to disperse your launch.

They’re companies which distribute your launches to numerous places and also sites. In this way, it may be accessible to the media and also viewers.

What is press release distribution?
It’s possible to submit launches to supply services that could print them on supply websites or publications, papers, and also various other media and also information outlets. Wire service services are very practical for reporters searching for stories that they can create.

2 Selections of Supply Providers:

Paid suppliers such as Newswire offer distinct distribution bundles. The prices of bundles differ based upon attributes, analytics, updates, and media supply. Besides, they publish launches for their websites.

If you elect for solutions that are complimentary, these firms release releases on their sites without any payment. Start-ups and also little companies with little to absolutely no funding for promotion are often attracted to receive their solutions.

To discover whether you ‘d go for paid or totally free supply, listed below are a couple of advantages and disadvantages of those two solutions.

Professionals of Free Resource:

You do not require to stress over paying to publish your releases into other websites as well as areas.

You let social sites posting of your releases.

You wish to go out the word regarding your very own tale, whether there’s a preferable result or otherwise.

Disadvantages of Free Resource:

Acquiring cost-free services might look like interesting lots of companies. But, do not neglect that you get precisely what you spend for.

The majority of cost-free solutions do not distribute your releases but publish them in their websites for a restricted time. If you would certainly like it to be dispersed, most companies ask for an upgrade cost.

They add Google links as well as advertisements on launches which drive the target market to leave the web page.

They do not have client services. If you discovered that there is a typo blunder in the discharge, you can refrain from doing anything concerning it.

Clients do not obtain tracking analytics or records. They’re left unaware around simply how much their releases have actually obtained.

Your launches may have Google ads that interest among the competitors.

Specialists of Paid Supply:

It’s cheap in the long term.

A lot of firms have a 24 x 7 discussion solution and also aid desk.

You comprehend how well your launches are all doing. They send you a surveillance and also metric records that reveal the variety of individuals seen it, special traffic, month-to-month page sights as well as in which it appears on the web.

Brands have the option to pick the magnitude of each of their launches. They might choose for the town, state, regional, regional or nationwide, based on their settlement.

It supplies results.

Disadvantages of Paid Supply:

Most manufacturers whimper that the only loophole in receiving Public Relations paid carriers is they do not approve their wanted significant advertising and marketing. If you wish to gain the most direct exposure of your releases, pitch right to reporters.

While complimentary services can save a great deal of cash, do not rely upon them if announcing substantial information or breaking stories. They can not provide genuine benefits, which means you could too not buy this type of circulation assistance.

If you would like to gain the cut through news releases, invest paying for best press release distribution services such as BusinessWire and also PR Wire service that may offer real media concessions. You can pitch to journalists and earn money remedies to take advantage of your PR projects and also outcomes.

Have you ever made use of paid or cost-free supply assistance? Which would you believe provides a much better end result?

The Impact of Innovative Technology to Industries

Mr . Louis Chenevert is a Canadian entrepreneur. He served as the Executive officer of a company by the name United Technologies Corporation before retiring. He served at various other positions in the company before his promotion to become the Chief Executive Officer in the year 2010. His place of birth is Montreal. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Montreal. He also earned his doctorate from the Concordia University. Before joining United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert worked for several other companies such as General Motors, where he served as a General production manager and also worked for Pratt & Whitney.

Louis Chenevert believes that Innovative Technology is quickly changing industries. It has been noted that the tech world is changing at a very speedy rate. New innovations and inventions are coming up after a very short period of time. All these innovations leave people in owe of what new technology will be introduced next. The industries are also changing at a very high rate and they might be very different in some years to come. A good example is that of the films that used to be aired in the older days. They are very different when compared to those that are broadcasted in the modern era. In the early days, movies could only be watched from a theater unlike today where we can watch then from the comfort of our homes through a television. There been an evolution from the use of video cassettes and DVDs to the act of live streaming.

Louis Chenevert has a very clear understanding of how technology can bring change in an industry. He left a good legacy at UTC, a company which is ranked as one of the top companies in the aerospace industry. They have been great partners with NASA for a considerable length of time. During his reign as the CEO of UTC Louis Chenevert learned on how to always focus on the future and try to predict what big thing could be coming next. Think about how revolution can lead to the betterment of things.

Paul Mampilly- A prominent Wall Street investor

Paul Mampilly is a financial advisor who is respected by many in the United States. He has been in the finance sector for over two decades and in this time he has managed to create a legacy that will last for a long time. He joined the Wall Street in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. This was soon after he completed his MBA at Fordham University. He was determined to become a successful entrepreneur in the business sector and show others the way to creating a successful investment strategy. Paul Mampilly impressed many organizations with his brilliant results. He was hired by the Bank of Scotland, ING, and others to manage accounts worth millions of dollars. In 2006, he was hired by Kinetics Asset Management as a hedge fund manager. It is this appointment that gives him an opportunity to showcase what he was capable of doing.

In 2009, Paul Mampilly won the Templeton Foundation award that recognizes the best traders in Wall Street. He won this competition by recording a 76 percent return. Each of the participants was given $50 million as an investment. The one who would record the highest percentage return would be declared the winner. It is Paul Mampilly who had the best performance. After recording his huge success in Wall Street, it was time for Paul to try out new challenges. He embarked on a journey that would focus on training the average American investors on how to benefit from various stock investments. He realized that only a small number of Americans were able to become successful through profitable stock investments.

Paul has shown that it is possible to become wealthy through investments. For the over 20 years he worked in Wall Street, he accumulated millions of dollars from the organizations and clients he was managing. In order to help people who are interested in gaining the right information about investments, Mampilly has started rolling out a program where anyone who is interested in getting the right investment information will get it. He has launched a financial newsletter known as Profits Unlimited through Banyan Hill Publishing company. This newsletter will contain information that Paul Mampilly has gained in his professional career in the finance sector. The lessons he has learned are sufficient to make any average investor profitably.